STEAm education incorporates the “A” for the arts – recognizing that succes in technical fields requires creativity and cRitical thinking skills best developed through exposure to the arts.

Science: The Science Exploration Initiative is a program wide curriculum designed for all students which offers students project based learning experiences in the physical and natural sciences that foster inquiry by way of the scientific method.

Technology: Our Technology program aims to engage scholars in technology based learning experiences and promoting Computer Literacy by cultivating and fostering learning experience that stimulate inquiry and critical thinking.

Engineering: The NCFC “Early Corp of Engineers” is a program that aims to provide all NCFC students access to kid friendly engineering curricula and exposure to the world of mechanical, electrical and civil engineering by way of partnerships with universities and enriching engineering focused experiences and project based learning.

Art: The “NCFC Arts Initiative” aims to develop socio-emotional, cognitive, and critical thinking skills of all our students by way of expression through media, drama, dance, sculpting, painting, poetry and music learning experiences.

Mathematics: The “Mathletes Program” is an initiative designed to positively reinforce our students ability to think critically in numeracy, problem solve and analyze information through enriching math based expression in and out of the classrooms.