At NCFC we recognize that poor college readiness can impact students’ futures in very real ways. By 2025, postsecondary education will be required for two-thirds of all jobs in the United States, according to a new study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. Postsecondary education can be the best pathway to social mobility and economic security, especially among low-income youth of color. Yet, in 2013, only nine percent of low-income students attained their bachelor’s degree, up from six percent in 1970. 

A study by the ACT suggests that a student’s achievement and progress toward college and career readiness can be measured as early as eighth grade and is a stronger indicator than any measure of high school achievement.

So how do we better prepare students for college? At NCFC, we prepare our students by offering the college readiness programming to all our scholars from Prek through Senior year of high school.


This space is designed to provide free college preparation services to middle through high school students and NCFC parents. Services range from PSAT and SAT preparation, college and career awareness, study skills development, tutoring, mentoring and assisting high school seniors and their parents with the college application and financial aid process.

The NCFC College and Career Access Center is equipped with a computer laboratory, and resources for participants to research a broad range of higher education and work force opportunities and complete online applications and financial aid forms. It also includes space for group and individual advising and workshops.


All NCFC programs support an organizational culture that aims to nurture confidence so that all scholars aspire to college by maintaining high expectations and we do this by way of conveying the conviction that all our students will succeed in college.

Academic Planning for College and Career Readiness: Encourage students to participate in rigorous academic programs and we do this by increasing rigor within NCFC activities. This helps students realize they are capable of achieving greater academic goals than they set for themselves.


NCFC administration conduct a community wide audit of enrichment and extracurricular activities that offer participation and leadership options to all students for example the NCFC Student Advisory Committee.


All NCFC programs promote a college-going culture where students are encouraged to aim high. NCFC Scholars also begin writing processes that help them develop college application skills such as writing personal statements.

College Affordability Planning: Begin financial literacy at an early age. NCFC Instructors will integrate lessons about basic finance, wealth and money management into math curriculum.


By partnering with colleges and universities we are able to provide our scholars with a taste of the college experience by way of the traditional college tour.

College Ambassador:

NCFC Scholars are able to meet with current college students, alumni and representatives from various colleges and universities to discuss academic and social experiences at college both on the undergraduate and graduate level.